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Blue amber art supplies through the Jinxian County traffic construction command in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Bureau of environmental law enforcement inspection

The steering group of the traffic construction command and the County Environmental Protection Bureau will carry out environmental protection law enforcement inspections on industrial boilers, exhaust gases, wastewater discharge and pollution control in industrial parks.
The inspection includes enterprises to carry out the investigation of security risks, pollution control facilities operating standards and emissions, environmental risk prevention, facilities operation and enterprise unexpected environmental events, contingency plans, management and so on. Through carrying out special law enforcement inspection, we should further strengthen the relevant supervision and management efforts, improve the dynamic management of environmental risk sources and improve the long-term mechanism. Crack down on illegal activities involving environmental pollution of dangerous chemicals and hazardous wastes, and protect the people’s property and environmental safety. Law enforcement officers to check the Jiangxi Mashan Chemical Co. Ltd., Lanpo Pen & Painting Material Co. Ltd., the two companies are very sound equipment and related system, through the EIA, can be produced in accordance with the relevant requirements of environmental protection.

Windsor Newton art supplies to help Yongzhou young artist Yealong hometown River River series creation completed

The day before, Yongzhou youth painter Yealong spanning two years, after three months of field sketching creation make painstaking efforts of “lost Creek River” series of works completed. The work material selection 300 grams of British watercolor paper, British painter Windsor Newton Christopher special watercolor and Yongzhou Yangming Mountain Creek river valley stream, designed by the painter’s intuition, insight, feelings, feelings, thoughts and artistic expression of one of Yongzhou’s most beautiful ancient Village Creek River distant, simple, pure, full of poetic and legendary years rare and rare beauty exit situation.

Marco art supplies teamed up with China round plan, love in action

“I want to do something for my hometown,” I said. “I have felt poverty, I know the desire for poverty and the expectations and dreams of the children in the mountains.””…… This is the common aspiration of many foreigners.
Following the January 2014 and July successfully organized thousands of student volunteers to carry out the two season of “the perfect holiday” after the third season by the international well-known brand mark, Longliqi and many other enterprises to actively participate in the [Chinese circle plan – the perfect holiday] January 16, 2014 on “CCTV lit Hope public ceremony” party stage, 1000 from Tsinghua University, the more than twenty college students become “a messenger”, they all carry the bags full of love, on the way home, back home after the nearby village poverty left-behind children send high quality pencils, one-on-one donations, investigation, and visits. The day before, 1000 successfully boarded the CCTV stage of official messenger.
According to official statistics from the Ministry of education in 2013, the number of “left behind children” in China’s rural areas has exceeded 62 million 100 thousand. Behind the huge numbers are the longing for home and love for the left behind children. Children psychological experts said, “left behind children are more sensitive to the heart, they have a unique understanding of color and perception.”. Compared with language, left behind children are more inclined to express emotion through painting, while painting expresses their inner feelings, which is also a relief to the pressure of life.” In order to let them have the same color of childhood, “China round hand pencil mark plan together for the left-behind children” dream color, in love”.
At the ceremony, mark China won the public Star Enterprise Award jointly issued by CCTV “public welfare power” column and China’s next generation education foundation. Mark pencil began in 2013, “micro public”, using the rapid spread of new media platform, called on society to pay attention to the growth of special children groups, and advocate using high-quality safety brush for children to create a colorful world. This coincides with the idea of “China round plan”, a large-scale public project for China’s next generation education foundation, which aims to help children reunite, realize their dreams and make love complete. In the event, with the help of “Chinese Marco pencil circle plan” platform for the left-behind children to donate millions of color pencils, let them feel the colors of the world and social care, also want to let more left-behind children in describing their inner voice at the same time, with the city children in common use of high-quality pencil to meet the EU safety standard. Reporters learned that mark pencils in product safety through the ASTM D4236 test, in line with the European safety standards EN-71. This is the highest global standard for testing the quality and chemical content of pens. At present, there are a handful of manufacturers in this country.

What is the material of the drawing board?

Flat sketch and painting used to pad of paper, often on an easel painting is on his knees. Sketchpad fixed on the easel, some with a clip and also useful tape, the canvas size varies with the requirements of users for wood, lightness, smooth, art supplies store are available, also can be made. There is also a plastic drawing board that draws not only directly on the board, but also can be wiped out, suitable for children’s drawing practice, and used in many toys.
Generally woodiness is much, hollow is lighter. The paper can be fixed on the board with a nail or adhesive tape.
Canvas [canvas]
1. Cloth used for drawing oil paintings. Usually yellowish brown linen, also useful in cotton and synthetic fabrics. Now, a kind of cloth with good brush finish is also very convenient and practical. It is usually white. Canvas is too small, usually by width calculation, usually size of 80cm, 120cm, 160cm, 180cm, 220cm, 280cm and other width size
2, canvas: that is used to draw the place, in the graphics software, the canvas is located in the bottom layer of the layer.
3. canvas, used in Photoshop software to increase the width of the picture.

How large is the drawing board?

What’s the size of the drawing board?
The whole drive is 1 meters *1 meters
Half open is 1 meters *0.5 meters, the whole opening is half done
4 opens is 0.5 meters, *0.5 meters half opens, divides half
8 open is 0.5 meters, *0.25 meters, 4 open half
4K’s drawing board is a little bigger than 4K’s paper. Because it’s impossible. The Sketchpad is as big as the 4K paper. It’s not good to paint.

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